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In 2009 we introduced the "Digital introductory", in Norwegian, with video instructions in a wide variety of standard software used in schools, in universities and colleges, in business and private. All of these video tutorials are still available, are free to use, and they are available whenever you want, at home or at work. Today we are the largest producer on this type of courses in Norway.

The structure of every course is that we use the various functions as we need them, working towards a school-related "end product". These tutorials are ment to be like short lectures, where we go farther than just showing a technical explanation, but also try to put things in a certain context in order to provide a better overall understanding.

Now we have started to produce special courses for teachers where we show a methodology and a pedagogy that teachers can use when ICT is the tool. Schools that buy such courses will receive them on a memorystick, distributed by mail. Or we could come and hold a lecture?


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80 Video Tutorials, for FREE!

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Click the box above and choose your course. Step by step, basics.

For best output: open the program you want to learn on your own computer and do yourself what you see in the video. Remember: you can rewind and repeat, and do it in your own speed.

Good Luck!

From the autumn of 2011 all previous and new courses will be adjusted for the iPad and be available at the AppStore, (web based).



Guitar for beginners
"While My Guitar..."

Digital course distributed by mail, on a memorystick, to be used offline.

A presentation HERE

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