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Private businesses and public institutions have a growing need to adjust and expand the digital communication with their users, or to a specific segment of their audience. Often as an added service to enhance something that already exists on the company website. This is usually both expensive and time consuming; to adjust the main site. Why not an independent digital network solution, made for both the PC, Mac and iPad? Or just a tutorial to help explaining?

IKT Forlaget produces basic but functional solutions, which can easily be linked from the company's site or from a digital ad in the newspaper or in a digital magazine. Contact us, and we can see if we can be of any help.

Digital communication, often in several languages​​, is part of our everyday lives. Today we don't have "problems"; we have challenges, and lots of ways to meet them.

We love challenges.
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Your experiences?

Not only with ICT, but in how to distance your education from the strict and limiting structure of the corriculum?

Where you see personal engagement and quriosity creating energy and willingness to learn something new, to climb hinders, on the way to new knowledge?

Teaching for the unknown?

Please let us know!
We are part of the learning culture as well. And we want to learn more!



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ICT21st.com /ICT Publish.com / IKT Forlaget, 995 707 705, Hestnesveien 122, 4043 Hafrsfjord, Stavanger, Norway - haldor (@) 1haldor.com

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