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Our Services (Norwegian/English, mix)

Video Tutorials for Teachers, Students and "anybody"

Over the past 3 years our publishing house IKT Forlaget has produced some 500 video instructions, in both Norwegian and English. These are structured courses where we try to build a final product, step by step, using a specific computer program (Word / Writer, etc). Nothing fancy, but useful.

The tradition is that ICT training is mainly focusing on
featchers and operations.  This is important too, but is only
the starting point for what ICT really is all about; gathering information, finding resources, processingand presenting new knowledgean edited photo, a PowerPoint or a video.

With our tutorials we make our resurces available for the user, one or a thousand, whenever it suits the user, being at work or at home. That's what makes this form of communication  both effective, affordable, "green"  and engaging.  The user experiences that the content has a relevance and a value, something he/she can build on. For the rest of their lives.

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Training sessions for teachers - Implementing ICT in learning

Our main mission used to be supporting teachers and students with video tutorials - how to learn the basic skills of various programs like Word / Writer, Calc / Excel etc. By this we would achieve some common basic skills for better communication. But it seems most teachers don't give themselves the time needed to to so, and we believe this lack of motivation is due to negative experiences using ICT over some years. And, that ICT by many still is regarded as "something technical".
A new approach is to make special designed courses for teachers, where we base everything on what we already have, like Office /OpenOffice, other well established software, PC or Mac, and doing most of the ICT at school offline. This should provide the teacher with the necessary assurance and control to be able to implement ICT in learning, as a practical tool in various lerning sessions.
How to introduce the spreadsheet to the 7 year olds, step by step, working with both mathematical understanding and building language is our latest product. Have a look HERE.


Tchnical services and courses for both private and public sector

E Learning is both spesific tutorials and training sessions, and at the same time a tool for a wider understanding of the importance of how to use the web in a constructive way for learning puposes or for bringing out general information.
We still have many people who by different reasons are poor readers. With ICT tools we can reach a wider audience, by using images, auditory tools and video; at least to present the basic information.
This gives privat and public sector more tools to reach their audience, and again organized as "extras" that can easily be linked from main sites without causing much work or reorganizing of main structures of their sites.
We produce such elements, and even publish online, which means the only effort of the costumer is to create a link on their main site.


Digital Flip Magazine or PDF?

The digital Theme Issue (Flip Magazine) has some basic text, images, videos, tasks and links to the www. It can also be delivered as an auditory version, which is very helpful for poorer readers or for students coming from a different language culture. This, and other products HERE
The Theme Issue can be distributed as both a flip magazine or as a PDF file, contained in a memorystick. When loaded into a computer most of the work can be done offline, and the only time the user needs to be connected to the Internet is when there is a need to collect information or using general tutorials linked from the magazine.


New Learning Culture

Never have the human race had better access to information, knowledge and tools for building new knowledge. Corporate, public service and individuals are now taking part in this digital "dance of knowledge”. What do I want to learn? Where can I search to find it, and what tools do I have? And how do I develop my critical sence?

Knowlege building – life long learning – Educating for the unknown – Learning in the 21st century; slogans that are becoming a reality, for some.

But not in school. Here the students still are to learn everything that’s in the book, from cover to cover, in a rigid system that gives no room for individuality, for developing the talents we all know we have, but with no arena for discovering them, based on plans produced once a year, like a straitjacket for both teachers and students.

We must create the space where we can handle the unknown – the world of possibilities. That’s where our future is.

StepByStep Tutorials

ICT is 10% skills and 90% understanding.
Every month we have more than 20.000 of our videos played all over the world.
By people who want to learn some basics.
Easy to use. Helpful! Try it yourself.

ICT21st.com /ICT Publish.com / IKT Forlaget, 995 707 705, Hestnesveien 122, 4043 Hafrsfjord, Stavanger, Norway - haldor (@) 1haldor.com
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